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From our Workshops

Here are some comments from various health care providers who have attended a CBT workshop.

I truly feel that this is not only the best workshop I’ve ever been to, but perhaps the most life-changing.  The implications of this technique are staggering, not only for chiropractic but for health care in general.  I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in making huge impacts on peoples’ lives.”
Matt Colman, DC     
San Francisco, CA 

"CBT is fantastic!  After I returned from the workshop, I was hoping that just half of what I learned would work well.  It all works well!  WOW!"
Tony Paolucci, DC
Parker, CO

“CBT is the perfect adjunct to an acupuncture practice.  I use it every day on every patient.  I love the immediate positive feedback I get from my patients!”
Maureen Quinn, LAc
Rockville, MD

“I want to thank you for sharing this new incredible protocol.  It’s fantastic!  I have been having a wonderful time and my patients are doing very well.  CBT is amazing and I am totally jazzed! 
Marjorie Lee, DC
Alameda, CA

“It has been six months since I attended your class in Idaho.  I have been consistently experiencing results with my patients that I had questioned would be possible when I took the class.  They are like the "miracle results" we heard about in early days of chiropractic.  CBT fits in perfectly with chiropractic because it too works directly with the brain and nervous system. 
Two days ago a mother brought in her six month old son who has had labored breathing since birth.  Grandma came along too.  All had been to the baby's M.D. earlier that day.  Even the specialists have apparently been unable to help the child. 
Within 20 seconds we found the cause and within another 20 seconds I cleared it.  Baby instantly began non-labored breathing.  Mom and grandma were shocked.  So was I.  Called the mother today and the baby is breathing normally now.  This is REALLY FUN!  Thanks Tony.”
Bruce Hone, DC 
Seattle, WA

“I was amazed at what occurred at the workshop.  CBT is powerful, effective and simple.  My practice has been transformed and I am thrilled!”
Kelley Van Rij, LAc PT                               
Ormond Beach, FL 

"Bottom line: CBT does what Dr. Smith says it does!"
Jack Hendricks, DC
Winter Haven, FL

“This was an amazing workshop that opens up a huge amount of health benefits for my patients.  CBT is simple, profound and effective.  It was well worth the long trip from England to learn this great stuff.”
Patrick Molloy, DC
Surrey, UK      

“This was without a doubt the best workshop (of about 35) that I have attended.  CBT is incredibly simple and effective, and it works immediately.  WOW!”
Lora Dabney, LAc
Sarasota, FL 

“Allergies, infections, and toxicities are so common, that unless there’s a simpler and faster way to get them out of the way first, all other treatments are not as effective as they should be.  Therefore, I think that all health practitioners should know about CBT.”
Yulien Tso, LAc                           
Santa Monica. CA


There is no CBT certification process, and attending one workshop does not qualify someone to be a competent CBT practitioner. Mastering the entire CBT protocol takes years of experience combined with excellent diagnostic skills and good clinical judgement. Dr. Smith is unaware of anyone's current level of proficiency, or whether or not they are even practicing the entire CBT protocol.  Dr. Smith is therefore unable to endorse or recommend anyone who has participated in a CBT workshop. Dr. Smith is not responsible for any injury resulting from CBT treatment that was provided by someone else.
The following individuals have participated in advanced CBT training: 

Stuart Marmorstein, DC
Nick Lamothe, PhD
John Heilman, DC
Matt Coleman, DC
Maureen Quinn, LAc
Richard Baker, DC
Melissa Li, DC

Jack Hendricks, DC
Lora Dabney, DC
Tom Tessereau, LMT
Dora Tryfonas, DC
Jill Tucci, LAc
Patricia Sheppard, DC

What do our patients say about CBT?

"I struggled with allergies to dust, tree pollen, and cats nearly every day for the past four years. We live among large trees and the problem was much worse in the summer than winter, but I woke up sneezing and blowing my nose for up to an hour every morning. Some days it would go on for hours. Every coat I own had an emergency supply of tissues in the pocket, just in case! My wife and I have also battled with candida problems for years trying medical and alternative approaches including strict diets and various fungus prescriptions to control the problem..."

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